PS3 BlueTooth Controller Problem: What are the possible way PS3 Blue-tooth controller problem can b

Published: 15th July 2010
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PlayStation 3 controller is often unable
to connect the console via blue-tooth. This problem is rarely faced by the PS3
gamer but this bug has been reported and there are few tricks you could play to
find out the underlying cause and fix the

PS3 bluetooth problem
. The issue is when you press the PS button on your
controller, there's a light on it which blinks for 4 times and it does not
connect. Now let move to the possible solutions, there is a temporary solution
to it which allows you to play games for the time being and that is to connect
the controller via USB cable that comes in the Box.

Resetting the controller can solve the
PS3 blue-tooth problem. There's a small button at the back of the controller
adjacent to the screws. Pressing it will reset the controller and this is more
likely to solve blue-tooth connectivity problem. Blue-tooth connectivity is
readily solved when you reset the settings of the controller. Ensure that the
configuration menu is set accordingly whenever you are connecting it via USB or
blue-tooth. If changing the configuration does not work, then reboot the system,
reset the controller settings and see if it works or not.

Sony has employed Blue-tooth technology
of 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). This is considered to be the superior most
wireless connectivity so problem with the core communication technology isn't
expected from Sony. Possible reasons for failed wireless connectivity of the
controller lie with the settings. PlayStation 3 blue-tooth controller fix is not
an arduous task, all you have to do is to reset the settings of the controller
and adjust the console setting to work on blue-tooth and not on USB. The good
thing is that you are provided with a backup connectivity option and you can
play games by connecting controller via USB. In the mean time, you can search
for PlayStation 3 blue-tooth controller fix.

PlayStation 3 repair guide contains
necessary and essential information about blue-tooth configuration settings and
about resetting the controller. It's always good to go through the repair guide
before you actually do anything with the controller or the console. PS3 can be
fixed at home and it's not that much difficult as you have presumed. Doing a
home repair not only saves your time but your money as well. Most often there
isn't any thing serious wrong with the console. There are small tricks which
make the PS3 work fine and you can do this all your self.

You can

fix PS3 bluetooth problem
and all other common problems
with the help of
how to fix ps3 repair guide.


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